Your Rights When Buying a Funeral In NY

Your Rights When Buying a Funeral

When a friend or loved one dies, there are usually many decisions
that must be made quickly and under great emotional stress. It’s for
these reasons that the Federal Trade Commission is charged with
enforcing what is called The Funeral Rule, which provides for those
purchasing funeral goods and services to pay for only those you
authorize. Further, you must be allowed the opportunity to “pick and
choose” among the products and services offered by a funeral home.

Most funeral homes offer different “packages” which include varieties of
options available. Under the Funeral Rule those wanting to purchase a
funeral are not confined to only those packages which might be offered
by a funeral home in brooklyn . Instead, they have the option to pick and choose
among various options of the goods and services offered.

Some of the options offered by a funeral home are regulated by state law
which may, for example, require that a body be embalmed if it will be
displayed at a viewing. Another item that is required by law is that
the funeral home must explain the range of options available prior to
showing a client their selection of caskets. This prevents brooklyn ny funeral
homes from showing only caskets that are only higher priced. Instead,
studies have shown that when given a selection of caskets, most clients
will pick a medium-priced casket for their loved one.

The Funeral Rule also prohibits funeral homes from declining to use a
casket or urn that has been purchased at another location, or charge you
a fee for selecting that option. Cremations are also covered by The
Funeral Rule, which requires that funeral homes offer a variety of urns
available for purchase. Finally, when a funeral home offers services to
a client, they must provide a complete written list of the services
offered, with prices, and obtain authorization for the goods and
services used.